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    Permanent Magnet Machines


    Rare earth based PM machines are the present work horse in industry where high power density and/or efficiency are required. We have done our share of development in this area, and have a range of designs available. Our extensive experience with rare earth machines gives us the engineering depth to attempt even challenging designs and topologies.

    General Specifications

    Permanent Magnet Machines (AC and DC):
    Construction / Topology AC: Rare Earth (Nd-Fe-B), Buried or Surface magnet, sinusoidally wound.
    DC: PM static field, slotted or slotless armature, commutator based, slotted or slotless armature, commutator based (upto 2KW).
    BLDC: 2-Phase / 3-Phase sinusoidal stator, PM buried magnet rotor (upto 100W).
    Ratings Upto 20 KW (PMG)
    Output Electrical Frequency 100 Hz and above
    Speed Upto 6,000 RPM

    Commercial Applications

    • Variable speed pumps
    • Diesel Gensets
    • Compact drives

    Defense Applications

    • Actuators
    • Ultra-compact Blowers / Fans
    • High speed alternators
    • Light / Efficient motors

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